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Hacker News - Ask HN: Why Do Tech's Gatekeepers Despise Salespeople?


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Ellison, Horowitz, PG, Nadella and countless others of import have espoused the critical role elite salespeople play in startup cultural and financial success (hustle, relentlessness, fierce advocacy of product teams, iterating user value prop, etc.) Yet hiring managers remain routinely and unapologetically bias towards salespeople. Bias increases by multiples when the record of sales achievement isn't related to a technical product.

For context, I've earned a 7 figure income for 10+ years as an individual contributor and have also recruited, hired & trained extraordinary achieving sales teams.

Please, please dear HN I implore you to counsel me on this subject. --->Does it not strain all credulity to believe that the totality of skills + IQ + EQ, etc. possessed by a high achieving sales professional are incompatible with mastery of a technical product, rapport with engineers & PM's, ability to facilitate TAM & competition due diligence, etc, etc, etc.?

As it stands presentlythe status quo is lose-lose. I lose an opportunity to join the tech pioneers building the future.....and they lose a 80-100 hours a week sales machine with instant ability to move the needle.

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