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GameSpot - Respawn Announces Major Twist On Apex Legends Halloween Event


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It's that time of year again--the breeze is cooling, the leaves are falling, and Apex Legends is hosting its fourth annual Halloween event, Fight or Fright. Much about this event is the same as it's always been--players will have the opportunity to play the Shadow Royale LTM on a Halloween-ified version of a popular map, creepy cosmetics will be available in the store, and Revenant will be up to his usual spooky hijinks. But this season, there's one major difference: Confirming last week's leaks, the even trailer revealed that, for the first time in Apex Legends history, Shadow Royale will be played on a new map: Olympus After Dark.

The spookiest season is upon us 😈
Fight or Fright returns for four straight weeks of tricks and treats. Join in on this ghoulishly good time starting Oct 4 when Shadow Royale returns to Olympus After Dark.
👻 https://t.co/Ff3PLVqCqF pic.twitter.com/F7U1TF7rvK

— Apex Legends (@PlayApex) September 29, 2022

Previously, Shadow Royale (and in Year 1, Shadowfall) matches have taken place solely in the "realm of Shadows," an alternate dimension in which King's Canyon has no sun and the Syndicate has been overthrown by Revenant, who is worshiped as a god by his army of Shadows. Legends themselves can be turned into Shadows during these matches, giving them incredible speed and strength that makes for fun, fast-paced gameplay. The Shadow realm is referred to as the "Beta plane" and appears to be a significant location in Apex's lore.

Things went differently in this dimension... and the vines have not been so kind to Olympus without a team of Legends to stop them.
How did they even get there in the first place? The Beta plane is full of mystery... pic.twitter.com/8rvDpXxcEe

— David (@frozenfroh) September 29, 2022

But despite recent developer comments claiming players were unlikely to see future events with multiple LTMs, Apex's next in-game event is exactly that. From October 4 to November 1, players will see three LTMs rotating on a weekly basis. The schedule is as follows:

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