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IGN - Rewrite Destiny in Valkyrie Elysium


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Valkyrie Elysium is an action RPG out now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and coming to PC on November 11. It's the latest game in the Valkyrie Profile line of role-playing games. The series is noted for its somber depiction of Norse mythology, as well as for its unique twists on conventional RPG mechanics.

Valkyrie Profiles' overarching story involves instances of mortals and gods getting tangled up in each others' worlds—and their wars. Valkyrie Elysium centers on Nora, a new Valkyrie who's brought forth to stop Ragnarok, the divine battle that's ripping the world apart.

Nora recruits the souls of destined mortals, called "Einherjar," to aid her in her fights. Nora herself is also endowed with gifts and weapons that make her a fast and deadly opponent on the battlefield.

Nora Must Learn, Grow, and Choose Her Own Path

Nora was created by the ailing All-Father Odin for the sole purpose of saving the world from Ragnarok, a devastating event that was triggered when the god Loki rebelled against Odin. But Nora's task to stop the apocalypse isn't as simple as it initially seems.

As players delve deeper into Valkyrie Profile, Nora uncovers secrets and meets characters who throw light on new paths and different choices. A dark-armored former Valkyrie named Hilde is intent on testing Nora's strength, and Loki herself gives Nora reason to wonder about her mission. She has no memories of who she was before Odin turned her into a Valkyrie; how can she know what's wrong and what's right?

Nora travels her life's path and finds her destiny according to the player's choices. Her fates are revealed through several endings.
Nora Writes Her Destiny with Fast-Paced Action (and a Few Friends)

In combat, Nora's strength and agility let players rack up combos while mowing down huge waves of fiends. Fighting involves mixing magic with physical attacks, a combination made even stronger through Divine Arts. When found and used, Divine Arts unleash powerful, wide-reaching attacks at the cost of a magic charge.

Nora is even stronger when she's supported by her Einherjar, the souls of warriors who've pledged to serve her. When summoned, Einherjar fight alongside the Valkyrie with an assortment of magics and weapons—and not all of them are happy about being in Nora's service. Death doesn't always erase a mortal's problems.

The Locales are Somber but Striking

Valkyrie Elysium has a dark, ethereal atmosphere that gives a lot of weight to Nora's troubled journey. Players take Nora and her Einherjar through cities and palaces that have been deeply scarred by Ragnarok, but not everything is a wreck. Valkyrie Elysium also shows Nora sprawling fields of flowers and forests that are thick with mists and briars.

Valkyrie Elysium's otherworldly locations are inspired by art nouveau architecture, as well as classic European fantasy mixed with references to Norse mythology. Valkyrie Elysium's gods, monsters, and mortals are familiar, but feature artristic alterations and narrative twists that make them distinctive, like Odin's casual lean and Fenrir's burning purple eyes. Players familiar with previous Valkyrie Profile games might feel a twinge of nostalgia.

Valkyrie Elysium is an energetic action RPG for both new and old Valkyrie Profile fans. Fights require tactical thinking: mindless button-mashing is a one-way ticket to the grave. Taking down the game's room-sized bosses effectively means balancing Einherjar summons with attacks, magic, and Divine Arts. The question remains if Nora will use her talents to serve Odin—or to find and walk her own path.

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