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r/gaming - I’m sick of “games as a service.”


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It’s a plague on triple-A games. God forbid you want to play more than one game in a “season,” because they all have season/battle passes to complete.

It’s clear developers have moved away from creativity and towards how they think they can make the most money. Anymore I find myself playing Destiny 2 (which is no exception, it’s just the main game my friends play), indie games, or older titles. Seasonal content for all these big games like Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, Apex Legends, even Destiny 2, is just more time than any one person could have, and it’s all because they want to encourage you to buy pass tiers and other things that aren’t always just cosmetic.

Do your friends want you to try Rainbow Six Siege? Better open that wallet up if you want to play more than a few characters. New season on CoD or destiny? Buy the premium battle pass for early access to new weapons! Excited for Overwatch 2!? Get ready to spend money money money! It’s practically the same shit but worse but don’t worry you can still spend money on it!

Fuck off.

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