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/Film - Doom Patrol Season 4 Teaser: The Killer Butts Are Back, And Now They Sing 'Shipoopi'


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Things may be completely up in the air when it comes to Warner Bros., HBO Max, and DC, but one thing is for certain: "Doom Patrol" is coming back. Yes, the irreverent superhero show returns for a fourth season on December 8, 2022 on HBO Max, and a new teaser trailer has been released for all of the fans to get excited about. Of course your collection of misfit superheroes are back, but what I expect most people will be thrilled to see is the return of the Were-Butts.

Usually this little monsters are a bloodthirsty menace, but they also enjoy a song and a dance as well. In the trailer, the Were-Butts treat us to a rendition of the exuberant (or highly annoying, depending on the listener) number "Shipoopi" from Meredith Wilson's classic 1957 musical "The Music Man." As a fan of that show and the number, I find making mockery of "Shipoopi" a little tiresome and hacky, but in the context of a superhero show, perhaps the incongruity of butts singing will work for some people. Check it out for yourself below.

Watch The Teaser For Doom Patrol Season 4

They may have cancelled the "Batgirl" movie, but they can't stop the Brendan Fraser renaissance entirely, as he reprises his role as the voice of Cliff Steele. He will be joined alongside all of the regular patrollers, from April Bowlby's Rita Farr to Jaoivan Wade's Vic "Cyborg" Stone. I, for one, hope that "Doom Patrol" becomes a full-on musical show, where every episode features a show tune from a classic musical. Who wouldn't want to see a Fraser-voiced tin man sing "Some Enchanted Evening?"

For those not interested in musical numbers, "Doom Patrol" will still feature its brand of crass humor and outrageous action that has made it a fan favorite for three seasons now, and this trailer will surely satisfy those patiently waiting to dive back into the series. Details on the storyline for season 4 are currently light, but I suspect the Were-Butts and the Bureau of Normalcy will figure in heavily based on the trailer. Enjoy speculating!

"Doom Patrol" Season 4 premieres on HBO Max on December 8, 2022.

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