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/Film - Does Avatar: The Way Of Water Have An End Credits Scene? A Spoiler-Free Guide


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When it comes to the "Avatar" franchise, James Cameron has realized that good things are worth the wait. After the first movie's unprecedented success, the director decided to plan out an entire saga of sequels at once, no matter how long it would take — a respectable decision in an era where sequels often feel disjointed. Cameron has also recently defended the lengthy runtime of "Avatar: The Way of Water" (192 minutes), claiming that the expansive story can only be done justice in a movie with a long duration.

If good things are worth the wait, end credits scenes are a small gift — one final scene or teaser thanking the most patient, loyal viewers for sticking around while the film's cast and crew are acknowledged. They're also a powerful marketing tool for sequels, which is certainly useful when you're following an act that became the highest grossing movie of all time (twice). Also, let's be honest — with such a long runtime, Cameron surely must have shot something incredible for "Avatar: The Way of Water" that didn't quite make it into the final cut. As such, it's only natural to wonder whether the second film will include any end credits scenes.

Well, wonder no longer — we've got your back! We're here to give a completely spoiler-free report on whether or not "Avatar: The Way of Water" has an end credits scene. Should you plan to stay in your seat for the entire 192 minutes? Can you safely run to the restroom as soon as the credits roll? Let's get into it!

Does Avatar: The Way Of Water Have An End Credits Scene?


No, "Avatar: The Way of Water" does not have an end credits scene. Once the credits roll, it's safe to walk out of the theater; you won't miss any sneak-previews or bonus scenes. However, if you'll be attending an IMAX screening, you may want to show up early — the pre-show will include an exclusive trailer of Christopher Nolan's much-anticipated "Oppenheimer," and you may catch a sneak peek at "Mission: Impossible -- Dead Reckoning Part One," while you're at it.

While it may be frustrating that "The Way of Water" won't have a post-credits scene, it isn't exactly surprising, either. Comparing "Avatar" to the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to really frustrate Cameron, and the inclusion of an end credits scene would only add to the franchises' similarities. Plus, the director seems confident that "The Way of Water" will do well; it's unlikely that he's worried about the success of "Avatar 3" just yet (even if "The Way of Water" flops, Cameron still has a saga exit strategy for the third film).

That being said, it's always a good idea to watch the credits. Cameron might be the most notable name attached to "The Way of Water," but it takes hundreds of crew members to put a blockbuster together. Watching the end credits is a nice way to show some appreciation for the whole team. Plus, sitting quietly for a moment also gives you the chance to mentally return to the real world, which is always helpful after a fantasy epic. Then again, with a runtime at over three hours, no one's going to look at you askance if you sprint out of the theater to go to the bathroom as soon as the "directed by" credit hits the screen.

"Avatar: The Way of Water" opens in theaters on December 16, 2022.

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