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Eurogamer.net - Warzone 2.0 crossplay: are last-gen console players competitively disadvantaged?


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With Warzone 2.0's servers now live for a few weeks, it's clear that PS5, Xbox Series X and Series S run the game brilliantly at 60fps - or even 120fps. But what of the older consoles, the millions of PS4s and Xbox Ones that remain in use? And what about the enhanced consoles, the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X? To find out if any of these last-gen options are competitive with the current-gen consoles and PC, in frame-rate or in settings, we returned to Al Mazrah for more testing.

Let's start with the base PS4. This console is surprisingly well-optimised for both the campaign and 6v6 multiplayer, and is more or less locked to 1080p at 60fps. Warzone 2.0 though? That's a different story, sadly. 60fps is possible, while you're in the plane or during 2v2 gulag matches, but when you're out in the world frame drops are an inevitability and texture pop-in becomes hard to ignore. Frame-rates of 40-60fps are common, and this drops into the 30s in the most frenetic moments of combat.

This is despite resolutions drops on both horizontal and vertical axes, at 960x540 at lowest and scaled to 1080p with TAA; in the campaign resolution scaling affected the horizontal access only. The lack of definition makes picking out distant players tricky, and ensures those on PS4 are at a disadvantage.

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