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Eurogamer.net - Lies of P is an elegant Soulslike that's too on the nose


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It's usually the dogs. Ask any Souls fan and they'll tell you how infuriating the dogs are. Hiding around corners. Interrupting combat. Hunting in packs. They're secretly one of the trickiest enemies.

But in Lies of P? They're practically harmless, docile even. Not once while playing the recently released demo have I had trouble destroying these mechanical mutts. This can't really be a Soulslike, can it?

Dogs aside, Lies of P wants to be a real Souls game - just as the puppet Pinocchio longs to be a real boy. It's certainly comparable - and enjoyable - yet while imitation is flattering, from what I've played of Lies of P it doesn't quite find its own identity, its own...soul.

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