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GameSpot - New Lego Super Mario Set Has 2 Airships, Available To Preorder Now


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Lego's Super Mario playsets have been an excellent combination of Mushroom Kingdom magic and the high-quality building blocks, and to complete the look of your build, you can now add some familiar Koopalings to your diorama. Lego's next Super Mario expansion set will let you take to the skies (metaphorically) with Larry and Morton, as these two dastardly underlings of Bowser are piloting their signature airships. The expansion is available to preorder now at the Lego Store and Target for $80 ahead of its August 1 release.

Larry's and Morton's Airships Lego Super Mario Expansion SetLarry's and Morton's Airships Lego Super Mario Expansion Set

In addition to Koopalings Larry and Morton, you also get a Goomba figure in this collection, and the whole set has 1,062 pieces that you can use to assemble the little Koopa mob. While they're undeniably adorable additions to a Super Mario set, the real charm here is the augmented reality feature that comes with the duo. You can place a Lego Mario, Luigi, or Peach in the cockpits and "fly" the airships to activate sound effects and fight a virtual cannon battle, adding a nice interactive touch to this set.

Morton's airship measures is over 9 inches high, 7.5 inches long, and 5 inches wide, and opens up to create a battle zone where you must topple Morton to defeat him.

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