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GameSpot - Destiny 2's Hive Are Experiencing Their Own Downfall As They Fight On To The Final Shape


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Over several seasons, Destiny 2 has blurred the line between good and evil in the battle between the Light and the Darkness. Yesterday's enemies are today's allies, and recently, we've seen the Cabal join forces with the Guardians alongside a new Eliksni house in defiance of the Witness and its grand scheme to bring about the Final Shape of the universe. While there's still no shortage of threats out there, including the Taken, Red Legion remnants, and the Vex, humanity at least has a few allies in its corner now as we discovered in a roundtable chat with Destiny 2's senior narrative designers.

So where does that leave the Hive? One of the most tenacious adversaries in Destiny 2, the Hive are currently experiencing major upheaval. The death-worshipping civilization has raged across the universe for millions of years, but the loss of several worm gods, the Taken King Oryx, and the Witch Queen Savathun has seen the Sword Logic belief structure of that species dealt several fatal blows.

Only Xivu Arath remains standing (for now), and so far, she has sought to focus her rage and grief on the Guardians throughout several seasons of Destiny 2. But is there any hope for her, and could we see her join our side in the fight against the Witness? Or will she shatter her sword in one final duel with the Light and its Guardians?

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