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Some Neuvillette lines


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About Zhongli.

I will exercise judgment over the gods, and nothing can change that. The god of precious gold has won the power of the rock, and naturally he is among those on trial. If there is anyone who does not wish to see us argue, there is no need to worry, I will be in Fontaine for a long time, perhaps 400 years. And the final judgment won't necessarily lead to a meeting of arms.

About Venti.

Even if the heavens and earth were to turn upside down, it would not be possible to stop my parade of judgments against the unauthorized seven gods. Anemo Archon was granted the Great Power of the Winds, and he too needs to be listed for trial. You say he's just a drunk most of the time, and there's no more danger? Well, that needs to be met first, too.

About Raiden Shougun.

As the sole survivor who regained the All-Dragon's Grid, I need to fulfill my oath and duty even if it means making all the water of the ocean retrograde back to the heavens. Narukami won the power of thunder and is destined to stay among the usurpers of power. Hmm, you say she is now hibernating in the Heart Success Pure Land and rarely shows herself? I'll go back in a few hundred years then.

About Nahida.

Even if there will be a day in the future when she is judged, I recognize the sense of responsibility of dendri archon It's hard to find perfect people and things in this world, but the focus and coddling also proves that a responsible person keeps moving forward. I have heard that she was coldly treated for about five hundred years, and I am sorry for her experience.

About Wriothesley.

Wriothesley is indeed a man to be reckoned with. I have earned him his title and reputation. Does it seem that I was deceived by his words and upward management? There is a saying in Inazuma that 'no words are flowers'.

About Chlorinde

Clorinde is the pinnacle of power amongst the current dueling agents with her superior strength. She is the successor to the profession of Shadowhunter by Shadowhunter, and the justice of the tribunal is more assured with her in place. Plus she'll be a bit more human than she looks.

About Lyney&Lynette.

Interesting show, isn't it? This is the world of Lyney and Lynette's magic, where everything is so fake that it's surprising, but if you want to believe, everything can come true.

About Sigewinne.

Sigewinne doesn't know how well she's doing. If she's being bullied I'm going to have to call Wriothesley into town to question her. She's so fragile and so kind. Last time she came back she brought me the negatives of her camera and said she wanted to hear me continue my review of the waters of Natlan...how long until her next vacation?

About Navia.

I'm sorry to say this, but both the unintentional offense, the acceptance of her apology, and the guilt I feel at this point in time, all have a detached feeling, as if I'm lying at the bottom of a lake looking at the stars. I didn't mean to, and I know it's hard to have a chance to make amends. Emotions aren't like water, they can quickly repair themselves and restore calm.

Source: StepLeaks

Respectfully, PTL


More about Neuvillette.

  1. I will try to avoid personal relationships and collaboration outside of the process. However, Your Excellency is of trustworthy character and has no entanglements with the forces of Fontaine. I would be happy to travel with you.

  2. this can only be said in private, I could never make this statement in public. The fact that Fontaine is a thing that has caught on is a bit baffling to me. But it's understandable that people like it: you see, it's a great way to get your sugar fix while you're drinking water, and it's inexpensive, too.

  3. I saw a play recently. A deceased madam, by virtue of her personal charm and malevolent arrangements, loomed over the mansion in which she was no longer a member like a ghost that could not be dispersed. The actors were impeccable, the story was well crafted, and it made me think about the state of the world.

  4. For some reason, I've been away from Fontaine a handful of times, so the famous springs I've tasted, though from all over the world, have been sent to me from outside the country, not from my own presence. As for the subtle flavors in different drinking water, I can naturally distinguish them. Having said that, do you still not believe me? I am the Supreme Judge, I don't lie.

  5. I have to say that I often encountered some frustrating things, such as stepping on the hem of my coat when I sat down, occasionally crushing my hair, and leaning back with my head caught in the seat upholstery. In order to maintain the majesty of the Grand Inquisitor, I keep up this type of attire, and naturally I have to put up with the trouble it causes. The world almost follows the same reasoning - accept an identity, tolerate it, understand it, and live with it. That is exactly what I have been doing.

Source: StepLeaks

Respectfully, PTL


Neuvillette's Hobby.

Water tasting is a learned skill. Water heated with a pyro element tastes like nature's most standard flavor, while water boiled over charcoal has a rustic taste. Similarly, water treated with cryo element is a bland and refreshing taste, but water made from winterized ice is something else entirely.

Source: Stepleaks

Respectfully, PTL


Feelings About Ascension: Conclusion. Having reclaimed a corner of the Seven Powers from the usurper, this is my true form. I am now the "Complete Dragon", and I am strong enough to judge the rest of the gods. My destiny will be to be the Tyrant King who judges the high heavens. But until then, I will lend you my power.

Source: Stepeaks

Respectfully, PTL


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